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Facts About Changing Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates the gears and other moving parts in a car's transmission. Some vehicles also use it to transmit energy or cool the gearbox. Although people do not change it as often as they did in the past, this liquid plays a vital role. These facts highlight the importance of regularly getting a transmission flush in the Houston area:

1. Even though a few automakers have claimed that drivers do not need a transmission flush, it remains crucial to replace this lubricant. Your gearbox may fail prematurely when the liquid deteriorates and becomes contaminated. This results in thousands of dollars in repair bills that you could have avoided with a transmission flush at Mr Transmission in Houston.

2. Automatic transmissions do not require fluid changes as often as manual units. Different mechanics, automakers and media outlets offer a variety of recommendations. The suggested intervals for a transmission flush range from about 30,000 to 100,000 miles. For advice on a specific vehicle, check the instruction manual of your vehicle and talk to a trusted maintenance expert.

3. Motorists with manual gearboxes may need a transmission flush on a biennial or yearly basis. Some automakers urge people to change transmission fluid after driving as little as 30,000 miles. Others call for a transmission flush every 60,000 miles; this is probably only wise if the majority of your driving is on highways and carry little cargo or towing.

4. Driving conditions in southeastern Texas often necessitate more frequent changes. If you travel in hot weather and get stuck in Houston traffic jams, consider a transmission flush every year. The same goes for motorists who regularly pull heavy trailers. When you do this with a manual gearbox, get transmission fluid change services after 15,000 miles.

5. Many different factors affect the lifespan of transmission fluid, so it remains difficult to predict how long it will last. When it is time for an oil change, consider checking the transmission fluid or asking a mechanic to do so. You may need a transmission flush if the liquid is very dark, contains debris or smells like it has been burned.

6. The process of changing this fluid varies from one vehicle to the next. When a mechanic offers to flush your gearbox before replacing the lubricant, check the car's manual to confirm that this is safe. Your vehicle may also need a new filter if it has automatic shifting; a Houston area transmission repair shop can replace this part.

7. Motorists may avoid serious problems by using reputable mechanics with up-to-date maintenance knowledge. Automatic, manual and continuously variable gearboxes require different lubricants. If someone adds the wrong liquid, it may void a transmission's warranty and cause it to fail prematurely.

When you need high-quality gearbox service, turn to our Houston transmission flush and repair experts. We replace filters, change fluids and rebuild equipment at affordable rates. You can trust Mr. Transmission's experienced staff to perform top-notch work. For the best Houston and Jacinto City transmission flushes and repairs, call 713-455-1780 today.