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5 Signs That Transmission Repair Is Needed

Transmission repairs can quickly get expensive if issues are not looked into in the early stages, so it is important to have your car checked out as soon as you notice any of these warning signs. Fortunately, many of these signs are pretty noticeable and hard to ignore.

Check Engine Light Is On

Of course, this visual warning is a great reason to have your drivetrain checked by the Houston automatic transmission repair professionals at Mr. Transmission as it often means that some transmission-related irregularities are taking place. Fortunately, this light can even communicate transmission issues related to vibrations that are so slight that you do not feel them.

Car Shakes or Grinds When You Change Gears

This is another obvious clue that your transmission may not be working at peak performance levels and that you should bring it to a Houston automatic transmission repair service shop. Some of the possible reasons that this may be occurring include having a dirty, damaged or worn transmission or a low transmission fluid level.

Note that a car making more noise than usual while in neutral should be especially alarming as this almost always indicates that something is wrong with your vehicle. Losing the ability to use one or more gears is another significant warning sign.

Fluid is a Different Color or Smell

In automatic transmissions, the fluid is usually bright red, translucent and has a sweet smell. In the case of manual transmission fluid, the color may be a different dark color while remaining translucent. However, if you check the fluid and it is no longer translucent or emanates a burnt smell, it is clear that you have a transmission issue and should bring it in to our Houston automatic transmission repair service center.

Leaking Fluid

Of course, if you see transmission fluid under your car, this could signal that a major transmission issue exists or will shortly. It is also a good idea to periodically check your fluid level as it should remain unchanged.

Burning Smell

This often occurs when your transmission is overheating, which can be due to worn parts, dirty transmission fluid or a lack of fluid due to leaks. You should bring your car to a Galena Park transmission repair expert because the transmission is not being lubricated properly and extensive damage could result.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or are otherwise concerned about the performance of your transmission, make sure to bring it in to the transmission repair professionals at Mr. Transmission in Houston. We can even pick up your vehicle for free towing if it cannot be safely driven to our Houston transmission repair facility.